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Compliance Policy

  1. Introduction The purpose of this Compliance Policy is to ensure that our organization (CPD Network Association) maintains and adheres to strict ethical standards without bias in the creation and delivery of medical education. Our commitment is to provide accurate, evidence-based, and unbiased educational content that aligns with the highest ethical standards in the medical field. This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and partners involved in the creation and dissemination of medical education materials.
  2. Ethical Principles
    1. Accuracy and Objectivity: We are committed to presenting accurate and objective information in our medical education materials. Our content will be based on credible sources, peer-reviewed research, and best practices, ensuring that it reflects the most current and reliable information available.
    2. Transparency and Disclosure: We will clearly disclose any potential conflicts of interest or sources of funding that may influence the content of our medical education materials. Transparency will be maintained in all relationships with commercial entities or other organizations that could impact the educational content.
    3. Independence and Integrity: Our organization will maintain independence from commercial influences or biases that may compromise the integrity of our medical education. We will prioritize the interests of learners and patients above any potential conflicts of interest, ensuring the content is not unduly influenced by commercial or promotional considerations.
    4. Inclusion and Diversity: We are committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity in our medical education materials. We will strive to represent diverse patient populations and ensure that our educational content is accessible, culturally sensitive, and respectful of different perspectives, demographics, and healthcare needs. The culmination of these efforts includes the creation of the CMEX Database which promotes diversity in the selection of scientific committees responsible for creating medical education.
  1. Content Development and Review Process
    1. Authorship and Accreditation: Our medical education materials will be developed by individuals with expertise in the relevant field and appropriate credentials. Authorship will be clearly attributed, and all authors will adhere to the principles outlined in this compliance policy. Accreditation for continuing medical education (CME) activities will be sought from recognized accrediting bodies.
    2. Review and Editorial Process: All educational content will undergo a rigorous review process by subject matter experts, ensuring accuracy, objectivity, and adherence to ethical standards. Reviewers will disclose any potential conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from the review process if necessary.
    3. External Collaboration: Collaborations with external organizations, including commercial entities, will be transparent, disclosed, and guided by strict ethical guidelines. Collaborations will be based on mutual respect, scientific rigor, and the shared goal of providing unbiased medical education.
  1. Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
    1. Reporting Concerns: We encourage all employees, contractors, and partners to report any concerns regarding potential violations of this policy. A confidential reporting mechanism will be established to facilitate the reporting process, and non-retaliation measures will be in place to protect individuals who report in good faith.
    2. Training and Education: Regular training programs will be conducted to educate employees, contractors, and partners on this compliance policy, ethical considerations, and the importance of adhering to strict ethical standards in medical education.
  1. Policy Review and Updates This compliance policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect evolving ethical standards and industry best practices. Feedback from learners, subject matter experts, and stakeholders will be considered in the policy review process.
  2. Conclusion By adhering to this Ethical Compliance Policy, our organization is committed to providing unbiased, evidence-based, and ethically sound medical education materials. We strive to ensure the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, and transparency, while fostering inclusivity and diversity.